AACT... Autism, Asperger's Climbing as Therapy  


"Hi Nicky,
Just a quick note to say thank you for all the help that you and Chris give to Jack with his climbing. The sessions help him in so many ways - he definitely gets a real sense of achievement from setting and achieving goals, his concentration levels are improving with each session (amazingly, even when other people are using the wall at the same time!) and the physical act of climbing is strengthening his muscles which is helping his hypermobility. I've seen his coordination improve, and he seems to enjoy planning his next move and his overall route. The care and patient attention that you and Chris show Jack is brilliant, and his confidence is growing because of this. Above all, he has loads of fun climbing and I thoroughly enjoy watching him. Thank you both - you're amazing!
All the best,

"We are noticing a surge in Sean’s conversation skills after each session." Mum Kerry-Ann

“We couldn’t believe how much progress the boys have made in such little time. Daniel in particular has never been so confident! This is very much to do with your approach which works so well with our students.” Hillhouse School

“I love climbing, my strength and confidence has grown. Nicky is a kind and patient teacher who has encouraged me to do more than I ever thought I would.”

“Nicky Brown has a natural and intuitive way of interacting with the children she works with. She encourages the child while always respecting their needs and wishes and gets great results!” Leanne Cooper - Occupational Therapist

“Nicky was fantastic with all the kids, Aidan was much more confident on this cause, Nicky was excellent at reassuring Aidan.” Parent of Aidan

“Leader/instructor made my son feel comfortable and made all the difference in how much he enjoyed the activity.” Sam - Parent

“The instructor Nicky was fab with the children. Times available were great.” Clair - Parent

“Watching my son climb and looking happy. Instructor was patient and supportive.” Penny - Parent

“Information and contact was good, it was good that Terrance was able to share the time with James his brother.” Nicky - Parent

“The leaflet was very informative Nicky explained things well on the phone. Just having the two of them in the group was great for giving them confidence.” Morgan and Felix’s Mum

“Nicky’s encouragement, fast achievement. Great to see smile on Andrew’s face and how high and fast he climbed...Thank you Nicky.” Parent of Andrew

“Nicky’s encouragement and personality.” Kirsten - Parent

“The person running the session was calm and confident and not phased by his behaviour. This helped him enormously.” Sam - Parent

“Nicky was fantastic with the kids and they really responded well. It was a great success.” Pete - Parent

“Jay has had a fantastic hour, very nervous at the start and then became more and more confident as the sessions went on. Wants more of the same.” Jay's Mum

“My determination in that I can climb! Rock Climbing, I’m really enjoying the experience; I have not rock climbed before February.” Paolo - Young Person

“Reaching new heights, Nicky is great.” Connor - Young Person

“Nicky is awesome.” Ash - Young Person

“Has been fantastic for William, really impressed with how his confidence has come on in 3 sessions.” Williams Mum

“The sense of achievement, the Instructor was very patient and helpful.” Ashley - Young Person